Traditional Baked Piggies Mooncake Workshop
Traditional Baked Piggies Mooncake Workshop Parents and Kids Class   Baking & Culinary Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Danau Desa Class, Lesson, Workshop | Angelicioxs Studio
Traditional Baked piggies Mooncake 
Student will learns:
-Make traditional mooncake dough from scratch
-knowing the ingredients used
-Tips & Techniques of wrapping filling perfectly
-Techniques of h'and modelling cute piggy without using mould
-Tips & Tricks of controlling oven temperature and baking time
-knowledge of mooncake storage and shelf life
-student will bring home 6 different filling piggies .
Date: 20th Aug , Friday 
Time 1pm - 5pm
Fee : RM350/ pax
            RM50 for additional kid below 12 yo

自吃送礼, 绝对令人爱不释手❤
-如何选材料, 处理面团和手揉面团
-烘烤秘诀,时间掌控, 技巧分享
学生将带回六粒不同馅料萌嘟嘟月饼, 和附送精美月饼盒。

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