Macrobiotics Diet & Cooking, Balancing Malaysian Diet
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Thank you for the enthusiastic response from many participants, and our class for Module 3: Macrobiotic Diet and Cooking: Balancing Malaysian Diet on 15 Feb 2020 is now full. Due to some additional requests, we will rerun this class on 21 Mar 2020. Details as below:

Previously, we have conducted Module 1: Introduction to Macrobiotic Diet and Cooking and Module 2: Macrobiotic Diet and Cooking: Healing and Detox. This is the 3rd series of Macrobiotic class, titled: Module 3: Macrobiotic Diet and Cooking: Balancing Malaysian Diet.

The fundamental concept of Macrobiotics is about balancing the food energy. It emphasizes the way of eating natural whole foods that are energetically balanced between Yin and Yang. This principle of energy originated in China since more than 2000 years ago, and have been one of the basic theories in Chinese Medicine as well.

Why is it important to achieve Yin and Yang balance in our diet? Both energies represent the opposite fundamental forces of nature, and it can vary between seasons, time of day, person to person, health conditions, different types of foods and many more factors. A person health is determined by the balance between these two forces. The food we consume has these two types of energy and will affect our health.

This class is to introduce the Yin and Yang energy and the associated food energetics. To achieve a balanced diet from the point of energy, we need to understand the basic food energy concept. Since we are living in a hot tropical country, we need to modify and achieve a more balanced Malaysian diet using the right balance of ingredients and cooking method.

Programme Outline:
• Basic Concept of Yin and Yang Energy
• Cooking Session 1: Hands-on Cooking for Lunch using Organic/Natural Ingredients
• Yin and Yang Food Energy
• Dietary Modification for Malaysian Diet using different cooking methods and alternative ingredients
• Cooking Session 2: Afternoon Demo Cooking
• Organic Afternoon Tea with Alkaline Water

Date: 21 Mar 2020, Sat
Time: 10am to 4.30pm
Venue: Angelicioxs Studio
Fee: RM200/pax
Organic Vegan Lunch and Tea Break included.

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