Basic Sourdough Country Bread Workshop ( + Scones)
Basic Sourdough Country Bread Workshop ( + Scones) Adult Baking Class Baking / Culinary Class Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Danau Desa Class, Lesson, Workshop | Angelicioxs Studio
Teacher Kreenah is back with surprises, beside teaching us the basic sourdough country bread she is going to add on the popular afternoon tea snack - Scones.
This recipe with contain No sugar, no milk and eggless.

Sourdough is an old form of bread leavening. It relies on a mix of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria that are naturally present i
n flour, rather than baker's leaven the dough.Sourdough has a few special properties that make it more nutritious. It's easier to digest and it may be better for blood sugar control.

Date: 8th March, 2020, Sunday
Time: 2pm -6pm
Fee: RM 288/ pax Fee includes all Organic ingredients),
Instructor: Kreenah ( Founder of Originah)

You will learn:
1. Sourdough Starter ( Hands On)
2. Sourdough Baking ( Demo)
3. Sourdough Bread Making ( Hands on)
4. How to make basic sourdough + Demo on Cranberry Scones
5. Bakers' Percentage for variance flour ratio

*Bring home 1 bread dough
Things to bring: 1 A4 size transparent plastic container.+ 1 sterile empty jar for starter yeast

Limited to 8 pax only

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